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Alpine A610 (1991 - 1995)

Last updated 7 June 2018

Rapid performance, effortless cruising, a bargain at current prices
Flaky build quality, trips to France to get specialist attention!


The Alpine A610 was launched in 1991, and was little more than a comprehensive facelift of the GTA, but with the larger 3.0-litre Douvrin-derived V6 unit now in place in turbocharged form only.

Now featuring pop-up headlights (as the res of the world was dropping them) - a change enforced by the need for the batteries to be re-sited up-front in order to improve weight distribution. Despite similar styling, the A610 was an all-new car, sharing only its windows with the outgoing GTA.

Vividly quick with a maximum speed of more than 160mph, the Alpine A610 was a pukka Porsche 911 rival - in all except build quality, servicing and image.

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