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Volvo 480ES and Turbo (1986 - 1995)



reviewed by ned zeppelin on 5 February 2013
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great car

I purchased my volvo 480es from ebay £300 after going and giving it the "once over" I fell in love with its weirdness! after getting it through an MOT (BRAKE PADS) I ran it and found it to be brilliant.
it was comfortable very fast and accelerated like a rocket, although it was automatic the gear change was very smooth, the previous owner had a new auto box fitted 40,000 miles previously.
It flew through MOT 's with the lowest exhaust readings...he had ever seen.
the clock now read 98,000 which I found out was the second time around! it used no oil and sounded like new. fuel consumption was about 30 mpg I reckon I could have got lots more but the car dictated I put the pedal to the metal most of the time. the brakes were out of this work I have driven new cars that were not as good, the road holding was like a go cart but still remained very comfortable, the seats were brilliant and heated, I like the low seating position, rear seating was strictly for two but still good the rear seats also folded to use a good size loading area.
some of the weirdness....flip up headlights very cool but motors are available on ebay or sometimes repairable. overall build quality was very good.
I reluctantly sold it when it developed an occasional electrical problem (would'nt start) which I later found to be something to do with the immobilizer/alarm.
Overall a brilliant car, would love another?

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reviewed by alanet on 4 January 2011
reviewed by kargo on 30 August 2010

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About this car

Top speed124 mph
0-609.0 s
Power120 bhp

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