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Toyota MR2 (2000 - 2006)

reviewed by Anonymous on 18 April 2021
reviewed by MR2MAD on 28 May 2017
reviewed by Anonymous on 26 December 2012

1.8 VVT-i 2dr Open Car

reviewed by RupertRocks on 17 October 2011
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The best fun I've had in a car!

I wanted something a bit different. I thought the MR2 Roadster would be a bit more interesting than an MX-5 and after test driving one I was totally blown away!

Cornering knows no limits in the brilliant little car, I had so much fun in my MR2. It's just SO light and nimble!

Yes, there is no boot to speak of but I can't think of a car I've had more fun driving and thanks to being a petrol head and being in a family of petrol heads I've driven some saucy cars (Merc SL500, SLK 320, Jag XJS, BMW 535, BMW 330 etc).

It also averaged about 40mpg!

I sold it as I moved house and had a long commute which is the only thing this incredible little motor is not so good at! The ride is fine, it sits nicely at 80mph as it's a six speed, but I just felt too vulnerable being in such a small car in the pitch dark and pouring rain on the motorway, at eye level with HGV wheels!

If I had stayed in the city I would have kept it forever! I owned it for about 18 months, in that time it cost me a new clutch (£400) which I though pretty pricey but all good apart from that.

The MR2 is just about the sheer experience of driving, I totally loved it.

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