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Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Silver Spur (1980 - 1995)


Silver Spirit

reviewed by Anonymous on 19 September 2020
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Worst car I have ever owned.

I bought my example as l have always admired RR and I had a beautiful, reliable S1 Bentley.
Oh dear, what a mistake. It broke down on nearly every occasion I drove it. It also came in for abuse from every lout in a souped up Ford Fiesta! The radiator started leaking, the suspension pumped up and had to be returned to the dealer to be lowered. A half shaft broke, the front bearings crumbled, the throttle jammed etc etc. Then the rust started to eat the wheel arches. Thank heavens I now run Mercedes!
I accept i probably bought a poor example but we are talking Rolls-Royces here and i paid over the odds for it from a reputable RR dealership.
My Bentley soldiered for another 13 years and is still doing sterling service with a wedding car firm.

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reviewed by MGC1968 on 1 September 2018

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About this car

Top speed125 mph
0-6010.0 s
Power228 bhp

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