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Honda Accord Mk1 (1976 - 1981)


mk1 honda accord hatch back

reviewed by skatty boy on 29 November 2013
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practical ultra reliable classic

after driving for 35 years and owning german french italian cars , i turned back to search for my favorite all time car due to its reliability and practical rear folding seats ease to work on and high torch bullet proof engine ,
being very rare due to rust condemning them after about 3 year intense searching discovered one in Brighton that had been neglected ,
for its mot fitted a pair of sills , gave her a full service and 4 years later she has still proofed as reliable as it was over 30s years back,
fitted a webber dual carb to bring up into the hot hatch league that followed in the early 80s
with new bushes and rear tie rods it now handles as if on rails ,
only thing that lets her down is the traction, on pulling away quickly can cause wheel spin ,
previous owner part exchanged to opt for back then was her rare 5 speed gearbox and power steering !
the autos have a built in self adjusting torch converter so you could drive them as if a manual !

would say it could probable be cheapest reliable classic you could buy if you fortunate to find one !

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