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Ford Capri Mk3 (1978 - 1987)


capri 2.8i special

reviewed by RJP41 on 16 June 2016
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Old school classic with performance to match the looks

I bought this 2.8 i a couple of years ago as a bit of fun it needed only a couple of minor items sorted ( heater motor/front suspension bushes ) which having done my apprentice ship at ford was no problem .I use this car on dry days for 6 months of the year and it goes to a few classic shows it gets a lot of attention wherever it goes with most people saying I had one my dad/brother etc had one and start reminiscing then I have to admit in the past I have owned seven Capris from MK1 1.6 GT to 3.0 GT and several 2.8 i the performance for a 31 year old car is good but seems slow compared to my TVR.
The handling is a bit tricky in the wet but it is a live rear axle with 160 bhp as for practicality it will take 4 adults ( smaller ones in the back ) but not much luggage it averages around 27/28 mpg 34 on a longer run which as the engine is original and still has to run on fuel additive is not at all bad ,another added bonus is no silly electronics and gizmos to go wrong very easy to work on and service and most parts can still be bought ,Insurance is cheap £ 107 pear year fully comprehensive on a classic policy Road tax £ 129 ( This should have been free but for mr blair/brown etc interfering ) overall a much loved classic and know prices starting to get silly but looks as good ( far nicer than all the plastic euro boxes that are scrap within a few years )

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About this car

Top speed127 mph
0-607.7 s
Power160 bhp

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