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Bond Bug (1970 - 1974)



reviewed by Anonymous on 4 November 2020
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Great fun and gets plenty of attention

I'd wanted a fun weekend car for a long time before I bought my bond bug. The distinctive design and fibreglass body (no rust!) are what appealed to me.

Passengers are always surprised at the comfortable seats and the sporty performance. It is fine for short motorway journeys as it will happily exceed the national speed limit and it turns a lot of heads around town.

A big issue with many classic cars is their tendency to rust or cost a lot to maintain. However, the bond bug body can't rust, engines are easily replaced if they go bang and the chassis is straight forward to swap so they are quite immune to developing terminal problems or requiring huge repair bills.

The bond bug handles like a go-cart, is NOT prone to tipping over, is a lot of fun to own and the boot holds 4 bags of shopping.

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About this car

Top speed78 mph
0-6023.0 s
Power29 bhp