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Rover fans flock to Pride of Longbridge

This year’s PoL was the biggest ever with more than 4000 cars and 10,000 visitors. Packed with great cars and great people, many of whom used to work at Longbridge, it's a must-do event for any Rover fan.

Organiser Gemma Cartwright MBE told us, '2015 was the biggest so far. So many ex-workers stated how grateful they were for being able to attend, meet with friends and share their stories with enthusiasts.

'And local people stated how they loved seeing the streets full of Longbridge heritage and future again.'

And while plenty of marques have their own show, none have quite the sense of poignancy, spirit or community feel as PoL.

Most of that is down to the circumstances in which the original Save MG Rover rally took place a decade ago.

But the rest is due to the community spirit that exists among owners, united in their love of what was once a proud British car industry, and the great vehicles that came from it.

The day leaves the politics, the constant cycle of poor senior management and frustrations of under-development behind, and focuses on the great work of the designers, engineers and marketeers that delivered us cars that we love.

To read more, check out our sister site AROnline.

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Rover SD1

Our car of the day was this Rover SD1 2600, purely for its originality (and wonderful Avocado hue).


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