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A Grand Monday: Mercedes-Benz 190D

In case of apocalypse, you might want to buy this week’s under a grand bargain and stash it away somewhere.

It’s a car that manages to combine two of the most indestructible things ever known in motoring - the Mercedes-Benz W201 ‘190’ and the company’s 2.5-litre normally aspirated diesel engine. 

Where else will you find a car that has covered a third of a million miles yet still looks like it’s just three or four years old? 

There’s something truly glorious about Mercedes-Benz cars of this era and the manner in which they were built, while the 190 also manages to be quite dynamically able, too - though in manual and diesel configurations, it’s never going to set the world alight. 

1991 Mercedes Benz 190d 2.5 (5)

What it will do, though, is keep on going regardless of what you throw at it - be that a motorway commute, or an escape from Armageddon through a field of raging zombies - only a Volvo estate would be as comfortable doing both, and you can’t run one of those on vegetable oil…

When you think about it, £950’s a steal. 

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Jamesetyefirst    on 10 June 2019

By not setting the world alight is the reason it has survived.

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