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Insurance price comparison site has added Telematics insurers 'Drive Like a Girl' to its panel of insurers offering the chance of more reasonably priced cover to younger drivers.

Drive like a girl, a telematics insurance company aimed at 17-25 year old female drivers, launched in January and promises to give money back to anyone after three months – female or male who can show they have driven safely.

“Anyone who drives responsibly and safely will be rewarded. Safe driving means lots of things, for example, smooth deceleration and acceleration, driving at speeds appropriate to the road conditions. We believe that safer drivers should get cheaper insurance”, said Charlotte Halkett, spokeswoman at drive like a girl.

By fitting a black box to the car, it records driving styles. Unlike some other telematics products, there are no fines, curfews, or mileage restrictions and premiums will not increase during the course of the year because of driving feedback.

Since its launch drive like a girl has already handed back more than £271,000 in discounts. 83% of the 2,500 earliest customers received some money back, with 56% receiving their own maximum discount at an average of £154 each. 1 in 4 customers received more than £150 and 1 in 10 received more than £250 back at three months.

“We are delighted to join with Drive like a girl is all about rewarding safer driving - at three months and on renewal.” said spokesperson Charlotte Halkett. “Safer drivers are involved in fewer expensive claims, so we can afford to help them control their motoring costs.”

Driving is assessed using data sent back by the latest in black box technology installed behind the dashboard at no extra cost to the customer. Policyholders have access to their own online portal, where they can see how their driving is being rated and therefore have the opportunity to change risky habits in order to maximise their reward at 3 months and improve their premium at renewal.

Drive like a girl’s sister brand insurethebox went live in 2010 with the aim of using telematics to provide incentives for safe motoring. It has analysed more than 600 million miles of customer driving and found its average young motorist is nearly 72% less likely to cause an accident after the first year. Whilst young drivers normally improve with experience, around 35% of this reduction can be attributed to the influence of telematics.

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