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How to sell a 1919 Renault type EU

Hi everyone, this is my first post here so be kind. I am the owner of my own classic, a convertible 1967 beetle, but this question relates to another vehicle.

Here is the scenario- my partners grandfather has recently passed away. We are currently in the process of realising his estate. He was in the motor trade for 50 years, and along the way picked up quite a collection of classic cars. These include nine Rolls Royces, a jag e-type, numerous vintage cars, tractors, and agricultural machines. In total there are about twenty vehicles, some in need of restoration, some in truly excellent condition. We have found it fairly easy to market the Royces, but we are looking for advice on how to best sell a 1919 Renault type EU. It needs a respray, but runs and drives lovely. It would make an excellent recommissioning project for someone.

What I am asking, is how rare are these vehicles, what are they worth, and what would be the best place to advertise such a vehicle? I appreciate any advice, we are not in a rush to sell the vehicles as selling his various properties comes first, but I would like some advice on how best to proceed.

Many Thanks, Samuel


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