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Skoda Octavia - Young driver insurance:car choice:classic car?

A hackneyed subject but no doubt someone has been here before.

Household situation is self, wife and some approaching 17 years and desperate to learn to drive. The fleet is an Octavia VRS on 59 plate and an Octavia 1.6 on 07 plate. I understand that learner insurance is available for about £3 per day on cars up to old Group 15. That would even include the VRS but I'm not about to tell him that!

The problem as has been stated so often is when the test is passed. Would we be better advised to buy him his own car and stand the extortion or should we look to change the 07 Octavia for something smaller such as a Polo, Clio or Fiesta and put him on his mums policy?

Can you help with a couple of what may be urban myths?

Buy a moped, insure in sons name, do not use it and after one year when 17 have a years NCB.

Second, buy classic car, insure but with our hero as named driver and off he goes, and I can drive a Mercedes 190E again just like in the '80s.


unthrottled    on 18 June 2011

Second, buy classic car, insure but with our hero as named driver and off he goes, and I can drive a Mercedes 190E again just like in the '80s.

Any car over 15 years can be insured as a classic but, for a 17 year old, the premium will be exactly the same as a conventional policy.

Dunno whether moped insurance can be transferred. The insurance companies aren't stupid-any obvious legal loophole would be exploited by all and sundry.

Car shares aren't all that satisfactory if you've got money tied up in the car which you have with both of yours. New drivers are often inadvertantly hard on cars (harsh gear changes, riding the clutch etc.) and it makes no sense to learn how to drive in an expensive car when a £1000 plug will do the job just as well. Direct line allow named drivers to earn NCD although it is NOT as generous as main driver NCD. It might be worthwhile to insure your son for a year with DL, then he can take out his own policy a year later-but only with direct line. After two years, he'll have 2 years NCD (hopefully!) which can be taken anywhere.

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daveyjp    on 18 June 2011

Classic policies don't build up NCB and there are quite a few restrictions.

What will he be doing when he is 18/19? If it's Uni just add him as a named driver for a year or so and let him get Uni out of the way before venturing into car ownership.

martint123    on 18 June 2011

Generally, motorcycle NCD does not move over to cars.

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