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Choice between two classic cars (restoration).


I'd like to start my own restoration project. But one that I can use everyday in the process, so obviously it needs to be reliable. To fund this I've just got rid of my Ford Focus Estate as the miles climbed but it's health deteriorated, unfortunately. Anyway, I've had experience restoring classics, I used to help my Dad and his friend restore their old Land Rovers (Series II, IIA and III). But I'd like something different.

My two ideals choices are the Mini, or the Beetle. Obviously two very different cars. I've done a lot of searching and there seems to be a good few of each within my budget that are roadworthy. Just in need of TLC etc. I'm willing to pay from £1,500-£2,500.

Which one should I go for?


madf    on 22 October 2010

"But one that I can use everyday in the process,"

Mini: noisy , cramped, unreliable.

Beetle. noisy cramped, reliable...

Davies91    on 22 October 2010

Aren't most old cars noisy and cramped in comparison to the cars of today?

Dutchie    on 22 October 2010

I like both cars lots of history first I was in a mini 45 years ago and a beetle my uncle owned over 50 years ago.I have owned three beetles and 1 mini.On the beetle watch the heating channel look for rust and under the battery tray again rust.Wings can be replaced bolted on I used to buy my gear from Colin Hicks in York genuine chap has a small garage.On the beetle engines very strong flat four easy to work on.Beetle aircooled so no radiator no oilfilter .Best beetle engine if they are still out there the 1500 cc.Or the 1200cc the later models 1303 had more problems to do with emission controls.I have seen some nice ones but they wont be cheap.Same for the mini all the do with condition.Good luck.

Vitesse6    on 22 October 2010

Echo the comments on Beetle heater channels - repairs there aren't easy to get right. If you want something useful in modern traffic, I wouldn't have said that either were going to keep up too well.

I am biased but have a look at Triumph Vitesse and 2000. The six cylinder engines are good, and on the Vitesse the separate chassis makes repairs straightforward.

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