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Jeep CJ - Jeep owners club

Does anyone have details of a UK based club for owners of classic Jeeps?



sandy56    on 11 June 2010

why dont you do a google search for jeep owners club?

crjos    on 1 July 2010

I did, but didn't find anything - the main Jeep club is for modern models and most classic Jeep groups are in the US.

Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}    on 1 July 2010

In Scotland and the Derbyshire area there are a load of military vehicle enthusiasts who show everything from classic jeeps, Ferret Scout cars , Daimler Dingos, Sherman tanks and Scammell tank transporters (to name a few). I've seen various incarnations of jeeps (Ford, Willys and Hotchkiss) so perhaps you need to widen your search for these military enthusiast types in your area?

Nosebolt    on 19 February 2011

have a look at , it's one of the biggest jeep clubs in the UK

Sofa Spud    on 21 February 2011

If you find a Jeep club and join it, just be sure to steer clear of any events held within a stone's throw of an event staged by a Land Rover Club !!!

stewart harding    on 13 June 2012

Hi Crjos there will be a new Jeep Owners club coming soon Ist July with free membership for the fist 6 months thereafter £20 per year.

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