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Clio 1.2 Erratic running

My colleague's got a 51 plate Clio 1.2 16V petrol which is playing up a bit. While back it was refusing to start, so new lambda sensor was fitted. OK for a while then it didn't want to go again. This time the 'injection' relays were replaced as they were corroded. He has just been away for 2 weeks and had trouble getting it going when he came back, had to take the battery off a couple of times before it would start and run. At idle it occasionally misses, but a couple of times it just refuses to respond to the throttle, usually coming back after a moment or two. I wondered about coolant temp sensor, but it seems to idle at about 1200 cold, dropping back to 800 or so when warm as expected, and doesn't seem to be using excessive fuel. Has the feel of an earth fault on the ECU to me, or maybe the ECU is developing a dry joint? Rather vauge set of symptoms I'm afraid, just wondering if anybody's got any thoughts to common weak points.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

Asked on 19 April 2005 by RichardW

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