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\"Welcome to the Unofficial Austin-Rover Web
Resource, a repository for development stories,
pictures and UK production figures relating to
the cars produced by BMC and its successors.\"

There are some real horrors in here (and some classics, of course!)



3500S    on 28 November 2003

A superb website, one of the best motoring websites on the net. The more you read, the more you scratch your head (almost to the point of banging it against the wall) thinking "why oh why oh why?"

Of course some gorgeous cars that should have been made, the 2000 TCZ and P9 are my favs.

And some not so gorgeous cars that actually did get made.

And the rest they say is history.

nick    on 28 November 2003

If only they'd been screwed together correctly many would have been world beaters. I think the SD1 is one of the nearest misses. Such a great design yet so badly built, and why no estate?

madf    on 28 November 2003

I worked for them during this period. The problems were endless : remember at that time the workforce (of UK plc let alone Austin Morris) did not want to work, only to strike. Couple that with a management so blind it could not design an O Series engine 1st time round capable of expansion in size..

What can one expect when most of the design engineers drove 1800s?



arnold2    on 1 December 2003

And if you read how the K Series engine got funded by the Government as a clean sheet design, how come, as HJ explains 'Head gasket failure common on K series four cylinder engines because very low coolant capacity of engine means small leaks rapidly lead to overheating' ?!

El Hacko    on 28 November 2003

if you're ever on the A303 in Somerset, stop off at the Haynes Motor Museum - I think you'll find 1 (of only 2 ever produced) SDi estates amongst the wonderful selection of vehicles.

DL    on 30 November 2003

Interesting.....will do El Hacko!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....

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