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Skoda Yeti and classic Vauxhall


SlidingPillar    on 2 January 2015

Eek! Hope the driver of the Vauxhall was ok and the car hasn't got too many broken bits. As for the Yeti, what on earth was it doing? (The Yeti is probably a write off from attacking over twice the value of old car - which looks as though when the Yeti is removed, is still drivable).

No idea of course, but my experience of driving a vintage car says the driver of the modern one could have had an attack of the 'must get in front of the old car' even when it is doing the speed limit.

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daveyjp    on 2 January 2015

Considering the location it must be a case of too much cider tasting at Westons!

SlidingPillar    on 2 January 2015

Sad to say the Vauxhall was almost certainly headed for a new years day VSCC pub meeting. Newspaper article here:

Trilogy    on 2 January 2015

Probably the only off roading that Yeti will ever do. Bizarre accident.

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