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Opel senator - HJ classic adverts

Absolutely stunning Vauxhall Opel Senator E 2.5 fuel injected manual, one of the rarest and one of the cleanest Senators you will EVER find! Drives like new, interior # (emasculate,) # this car has been extremely well cared for and the new owner will indeed have a future investment that will only increase in value! Factory fitted sunroof, central door locking, CD player and all of the Senator refinements. Odometer reads 12 thousand miles as does the MOT but I would guess this is 112 of paperwork no expense spared, MOT’ed and Taxed till July. Drive away today in this truly awesome car, Thank you .

Lovely misspelling from an HJ classic advert .


craig-pd130    on 20 April 2013

Haha, a fluffy pink interior then :)

The Senator 3 litre 24v variants were a bit of a beast, as was the Carlton 3.0GSI. Stonking engine.

Avant    on 20 April 2013

I like the thought of a eunuch in the Senate - whether ancient Roman or modern American, I leave to the imagination.

injection doc    on 20 April 2013

"truly awsome car "

I not so sure about the 2.5e but I had several opel Senator 3.0Cd's & they were pure luxury with arm chair seats, excellent ride and fab auto box.

I then moved up to the vauxhall Senator 3.024v wow what a car ! words cant discribe and the only problem with the car was it was badged as a vauxhall ! should of kept Opel.

Then I had a Carlton 3000GSi manual brilliant but then bought a carlton 3.0 GSi 24V manual, stunning, sizzling, power just never ran out, super smooth and what a car. Its the only car i have kept for 7 years ! I alway had a grin when driving it and never ever got bored with it. Phenominal car in its day. truly AWSOME

Then I bought an Omega V6 oh dear ! end of my vauxhall love affair. they uesd to make fab cars then the accountants took over and that was that !

tony g    on 20 April 2013

Hi all ,just thinking about how good vauxhall used to be .

Mercedes have gone much the same way ,I've just bought a merc c class 180 kompressor ,from a local auction .I wanted one as a runabout .

It's a 2003 52 reg ,good history ,6 speed manual ,90,000 new mot and tax to August .cost just £1900 ,with auction fees .

Twenty years ago cars like this would hold thier value ,not any more .The quality just isn't there .Although this ones better than most ,the wheel arches are beginning to rust ,its difficult to sort out because any repairs would involve repainting the whole wing to match the brilliant silver paintwork.

One thing hasn't changed .Mercedes still can't make a decent manual gearbox ,this ones just as clunky as the one in the 1990 Mercedes 190 I have .

I'll keep this one for two or three months until I can find a decent 5 series 520 or 525 petrol ,for all thier faults they don't suffer from tin worm .

bathtub tom    on 20 April 2013

tony g

A neighbour had one of that age. I gave him a hand changing the front discs and pads. I was horrified at the amount of corrosion visible once we got the wheels off. The hub carrying the disc in particular, not to mention the wings.

RT    on 20 April 2013

The 2.5 manual was rare for good reason - the 3.0 automatic was far better with similar fuel consumption. The Senator platform was good enough to stay in production at Holden and Chevrolet until 2007.

i sold my 3.0i CD to Bill Maynard, the comedian, who collected them.

daveyK_UK    on 21 April 2013

3.0 Senator in either 3 speed or 4 speed auto box was a fabulous engine.

Collos25    on 22 April 2013

The latter ones were 3.0 litre with 24 valve engines and digital dashboards these are now worth money but they must be in A1 condition,

RT    on 22 April 2013

The earlier 3.0 12v versions had digital dashboards as well - I used to take great delight in frightening passengers by switching the speedo from mph to kph without telling them! The fuel gauge on the digital dash was just a series of LED bars which dropped alarmingly fast when towing.

I think that even the 3.0 12v versions had electronically-limited top speeds - mine got up to the published 127mph with ease but would simply not go any faster.

TeeCee    on 22 April 2013

Maybe he's trying to say that the interior used to be the b***cks, but now it isn't.....

Bobbin Threadbare    on 22 April 2013

Maybe he's trying to say that the interior used to be the b***cks, but now it isn't.....


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