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My classic car has been stored for 20 years - what oil should I flush the engine with?

I have a 1958 MG ZB Magnette, which I'm putting back on the road after 20 years of storage. I've removed and cleaned out the sump and was considering running it for perhaps 100-200 miles on probably a 20w-50 oil, then use flushing oil to clean the engine out. Afterwards, I'll fill it with a permanent oil for normal use. Do you agree with this procedure, and what oils would you recommend?

Asked on 2 February 2018 by Graham

Answered by Keith Moody
Has the engine been rebuilt? If so, it will have assembly lubricant already in it - modern cars often require a thinner oil for the first couple of hundred miles or so, but 20w-50 will be fine for an engine of this vintage. Once you've covered a few hundred miles, change the oil and filter. You can of course use a flushing oil - but you may find that just flushing it through with 20w-50 does just as good a job.
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