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With many classic cars going off the road for winter, can you offer any storage advice?

With many classic cars going off the road for winter, apart from connecting the battery to a trickle charge and over inflating the tyres to prevent flat spots are there any other steps owners should be taking?

Asked on 1 December 2017 by Ken Mack

Answered by Keith Moody
You should also make sure that it's topped up with fuel as this will help prevent corrosion in the tank. It's the same for anti-freeze. Lubricate and grease any nipples and make sure the car is clean and polished if you have time. Don't use the handbrake. You don't mention what age of car you have, but a trickle charger is essential with a modern classic at a flat battery causes multiple problems. We'd suggest only starting the car if you can take it out for a short drive as well - if you can't, consider removing the spark plugs and turning the engine over by hand (if you're uncomfortable with this or unsure how to, then don't try it). If the area you're storing the car in is damp, consider a dehumidifier. Finally, don't cancel the insurance as you'll still need the car to be covered for fire and theft.
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