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Are classic cars legally covered by the same warranty as modern cars?

Are classic cars legally covered by the same warranty as modern cars?

Asked on 16 October 2017 by Keith Moat

Answered by Keith Moody
Classic car purchases from a specialist dealer are covered under the Consumer Rights Act - which means the car must be of satisfactory quality (often in accordance with the price paid, mileage etc), fit for purpose (e.g. if it's a historic race car), and as described. It's the latter point where most of the problems arise. If a defect is discovered, you have 30 days to reject the car and get a refund - after that the buyer can request a repair. If you're worried about buying a classic then make sure you do your homework. You can always join the relevant marque club and ask one of the more technically-minded members to help you inspect a car.
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