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Our Honda Concerto has been stolen and insurer isn't helping - what should we do?

Our treasured Honda Concerto with mileage of 27,499 has just been stolen. We are receiving shoddy service from Direct Line despite being long time customers with fully comprehensive insurance. Could you give us some guidance on what we should look for? We have been told that even if the car is found it i unlikely to be usable or repairable. It also appears that they may have some difficulty in restoring us to the position we were in prior to the theft. Accordingly, any guidance you can give us on any financial settlement would be of great assistance.

Asked on 23 June 2017 by philippa steel

Answered by Honest John
An H reg Concerto has almost no value, despite the low mileage of yours. That's why Direct Line's replacement service will find it extremely difficult to deliver. A real shame.
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