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Why are thieves able to obtain keeper details for cars they want to steal from the DVLA?

I own a very desirable classic car from the fifties. While away on holiday an attempt was made to steal the car from our house. Fortunately, the would-be thieves were prevented by our sophisticated alarm system and were soon caught by the police. Under questioning the thieves admitted that they had been paid to steal my car by third party crooks. They also admitted that my car’s keepership address was obtained from the DVLA. The police in charge of the case told me that any Tom, Dick or Harry can get access to the DVLA database and that this information is being severely abused by the criminal community. High value cars are seen in the street and the crooks just trace their keeper addresses from their plates. I think it is outrageous that the DVLA helps crooks. I am registering all our cars to my company’s addresses and not to my private address and I have raised the matter with my local MP.

Asked on 13 November 2010 by GB, Kent.

Answered by Honest John
You are quite right. I have been warning or advising readers about this scam around 50 times a week for the past year. It is about to get worse now that clamping is banned because the members of the British Parking Association have lobbied Parliament for a bill to make vehicle keepers responsible for any breaches of contract when the cars are parked on private land. Increasing numbers of parking enforcement outfits are going to buy the information from the DVLA via a Data Protection act loophole and issue £150 penalties to vehicle keepers for the tiniest transgressions. See how your MP gets on fighting this heinous bill that will inevitably prove to be a licence to print money. If the bill is passed, the outcry will be colossal. At the very least, there needs to be a means by which BPA members lose their right to gain keepership details if they impose unfair penalties.
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