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Is my 1976 MG exempt from tax as of April 1 2016?

My MG was registered on 14 April 1976, will it be tax exempt now with the rolling 40 year plan? My post office said no.

Asked on 4 January 2017 by Vince Paternoster

Answered by Keith Moody
The rolling 40 year tax exemption starts on the 1 April, each year. So, for example, on 1 April 2016 - all vehicles built before 1 January 1976 are tax exempt. If you need to tax your car now, contact British Motor Heritage to obtain the build date for your car - there's a good chance it was was built in 1975 and is therefore already tax exempt. Failing that, declare it off-road with a SORN notice and on 1 April, your car will qualify for free road tax. To re-classify the vehicle's tax class as 'historic' you'll need to complete section seven of you V5C. You can read more about tax exemption for historic vehicles here:
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