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Number surviving

You only have two 1958 Bond Minicars listed as surviving. Does this include mine? reg 808PME. I know of at least 4 other Mk Ds but I am not sure of their exact years.

I have owned mine since late 60's but it has not been on the road since 1972 DVLA are aware of it but told me I did not have to put it on SORN.

Asked on 4 November 2015 by GART

Answered by Honest John
If a car is taxed or SORN'd (i.e. on the DVLA's records) then it will be included in that number. If you car has been off the road since before SORN was introduced, then it will not be included in the number. No universal data exists for cars that have been off the road since pre-SORN days.
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