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Would I benefit from higher-grade petrol?

I have driven a BMW E30 318i automatic from new which I had converted to run on unleaded petrol when leaded petrol was phased out. I currently always refuel with Esso Synergy 95 ron petrol. Would a 28 year-old-engine still benefit from upgrading to Esso Synergy Supreme+ at my nearest fuel station or even Shell V-Power Nitro+ unleaded or would the increased petrol costs outweigh the benefits and make such an upgrade uneconomical?

Asked on 4 October 2015 by wegenerp

Answered by Honest John
If you had it 'converted', what they did was retard the ignition to run on lower octane petrol. It will benefit enormously from being advanced to its original setting and from running on 99 Ron petrol and the best is Shell V-Power Nitro Plus, but Esso Synergy Supreme+ is still a lot better than 95.
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