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Which classic BMW or Mercedes-Benz should I buy to take to Norway?

I've recently moved to work in Norway and I'm shocked at the price of cars, which are often three times the UK price for new and even seven or eight times the price of an equivalent secondhand car in the UK. There is a rule that you can import a car for free if it's over 30 years old. I've been trying to find a good classic BMW or Mercedes-Benz, but would like to know if you could recommend anything? I wouldn't be doing a huge mileage and will hopefully have a garage to keep it in.

Asked on 29 June 2010 by RJBedwell

Answered by David Ross
Finding a car that's over 30 years old and reliable isn't easy, but Mercedes-Benz and BMW would be the way to go if we were you. A decent Mercedes-Benz W123 from the late 70s would be okay if it's been well looked after and perhaps a better bet than a similar age BMW 5 Series. Back then, BMW hadn't got to the same level of reliability and build quality as Mercedes-Benz.
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