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Getting a classic back on the road - what should I do?

My 1991 Nissan Sunny has been off the road for many months. I've bought a new battery as the old one is completely dead. I haven't fitted the battery yet (it should arrive tomorrow) but I don't want to do any additional damage to my car. So, when I hook up the new battery, are there things I should do BEFORE trying to start the engine?

Asked on 12 March 2014 by afcwfan

Answered by Alan Ross
Well you do not say exactly how long the car has been laid up. If for a few months then as long as the oil levels and coolant levels are okay then proceed as follows:

1.Make sure that you have the PIN code/s for your radio to hand.
2. Having removed the old battery ,Clean and inspect the terminal connections if required
3..When you fit the new battery DO NOT switch anything on AT ALL and just leave the battery on the car for approx 20 mins.
4.Then given that you have carried out the checks as in para 1 ,then start the engine.

By doing this you are allowing the ECU to reset itself.Otherwise you may have problems with warning lights/non starting.
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