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Where can I sell my 1991 Audi S2 coupe?

I currently own an Audi S2 coupe quattro with a 2.2 turbo-charged engine. The car was first registered on 3 May 1991 and has been owned by me since first registration. The current mileage is just over 123,000 miles. It has been serviced regularly and is in very good condition. The colour is usually described as "white", though, officially it is "champagne pearl". Having bought an Audi A5 3.0-litre car, I cannot justify keeping the S2 as it will not get the outings that it deserves. I have had a number of people express admiration for the car (as they should!) and then, when they realise that the car is owned by a woman, they have offered a silly price for it. I do, however, think that this is a car for an Audi enthusiast and my question is this: what would be the best place(s) to advertise it for sale and, if you are able to say, what would be sensible guide price?

Asked on 7 December 2013 by KJ, Stroud

Answered by Honest John
There are two clubs: and And there's the S2 forum:

There are a few on there at between £3000 and £3400, maybe more. Or you could take the classic auction route: or Do not let anyone ‘test drive’ it without first checking that they are insured to do so. Most policies no longer cover driving other cars.
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