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Are the new MoT exemptions for pre-1960 cars going to have bad consequences?

I have an issue that I feel deserves public airing. It concerns the recent change in the law that allows pre-1960 cars exemption from an annual MOT test. As a classic car collector and restorer of my own vehicles, I feel this a seriously retrograde step, which I'm sure will have fatal consequences in the not too distant future. I have written to the Transport Minister, the Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP and to ROSPA voicing my concern. The replies I received were not encouraging. I have been involved with cars all my driving life, which began in 1967. So I know what weaknesses there are in these older vehicles. I am also well aware of the condition of many of these in the ownership of less responsible people. These are the very people who will take full advantage of this change in the law. It will be one of these whose vehicle will sooner or later be involved in a fatal crash caused by poor maintenance. I would be very interested in your view on this issue.

Asked on 23 November 2013 by RLB, Goffs Oak, Herts

Answered by Honest John
What has happened is there has been a check and balance. Basically, classic car insurers have stepped in to impose various conditions on owners and remind them of their obligation to keep the cars in roadworthy condition. So, though they no longer have to face an annual MoT, they are obliged to keep the cars safe.
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