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Why aren't classic cars inspected more often?

I feel moved to write about recent legislation on exempting pre-1960 vehicles from a MoT. I'm a classic car fan and own Sunbeam Rapiers and a collection of mid-eighties Audi B2 80's. These later cars are daily drivers and I consider I'm doing my bit for the environment in not causing another car to be made when ones I am using are perfectly able to deal with the rigours of modern motoring and are cheap to run. But all vehicles, including caravans and trailers, should, in my opinion, be subject to an independent test - maybe in the case of 'classics' not every year, but certainly a test every two or three years.

Even an enthusiast who maintains a vehicle to the best of his ability can miss that certain components are past their best, especially since they may not have facilities to get the car on a ramp and give it a good inspection - tyre splits or bulges on the inside edge or sidewall can happen at any time. Some New Old Stock components can be past their best having been stored for a long time. Rust and rot can go unnoticed behind years of underseal and Waxoyl, etc. An independent check is crucial in my view.

Asked on 30 March 2013 by GM, Trowbridge

Answered by Honest John
Our unique analysis of 30,000,000 MoT tests a year shows that pre-1960s cars have a higher first-time pass rate than 3 year old cars – largely because the older cars are cherished and well cared for. But classic car insurers are not stupid and usually insist on an annual roadworthiness report of some kind anyway, even if not a MoT.
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