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What is the difference between a Renault 5 Campus and Campus Prima?

My sons finance has written off his 1992 1.4 3dr Renault 5 Campus. In trying to value this there are few of his models around but lots of 1.4 5dr Renault 5 Campus Prima models.

The insurance company is asking for values of the same type and I wondered what the difference between the two models is. I found one for sale with interior pictures and they look identical. If so then it is a valid car to use for valuation purposes.

Alternatively what would a 2 owner 1992 1.4 3dr Renault 5 Campus 41000 miles maintained and good runner worth.

Asked on 25 January 2014 by Chris22459

Answered by Honest John
It's worth buttons. £200 tops. No point in trying to be precise about an old car that is worth so little. Just take a cross-the-board average of every 1992 Renault 5 that you can find advertised for sale.
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