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/how can I validate the history of a Land Rover with a new chassis?

I would like to buy a 1971 Series 111 Land Rover from an established 4x4 motor trader. The garage does not have much in the way of details of the previous owners, but the vehicle looks well turned out for a 42 year old car. Not only am I attracted to it because of the visual condition but also the fact that it has recently been given a galvanised chassis. All in all the car looks to be a good buy and the trader also gives a 12 month guarantee.

My question to you is: how is it possible to vehicle check a car with a new chassis? The trader says that they will perform an HPI check, but will that be adequate to protect me? Also is there any way that I can dig into the history of the vehicle before purchase?

Asked on 5 November 2013 by Michael Curtis

Answered by Honest John
They must have retained the original VIN plate, so get the information to check it out from that.
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