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What's the best sports car for £5000?

I am approaching 60 and am considering semi-retirement. I want to purchase a convertible sports car for weekends and touring into Europe – I have £5000 to spend.

I have my eye on a 1975 Triumph Stag with 87,000 on the clock, I have always admired and coveted these cars, but I am worried I may be buying from the heart and not the head and may end up spending more time waiting for recovery than driving it.

Is there anything else I should consider? I like the BMW Z3 and Audi TT.

Asked on 10 October 2013 by mharbon

Answered by Honest John
A £5000 Triumph Stag could be a lot of trouble and will require a lot more specialist maintenance than the other cars (some of which you can do yourself). Only buy if you like fiddling with cars. A BMW Z3 isn't very sporty to drive, but Audi TT Prices have dropped considerably and can be found for under £2000 (see: An MX-5 is the most fun: best a 2.0 6-speed Sport.
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