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Vdub: to Lead or not to Lead?

Hi John, I've been to many classic car shows and stands across the UK and one topic with huge confussion I face is the story of adding lead to classic air-cooled Volkswagen engines. To my knowledge Vdubs didn't need a lead additive once leaded petrol became unavailable due to they're harden valves in 1967 but what is your opionion. I spoke to a Millers Oil agent and he recommended using the lead additive in my bug, so I decided to use it on a tank of petrol. I noticed that the engine started up better and sounded easier but could this be true, I'm unsure if it really needs it?

Asked on 25 September 2013 by almera1.4GX

Answered by Honest John
On this, I can confirm that Volkswagen Beetles of this age *can* run on unleaded, as it's a car designed to be sold in the US market, and has hardened valve seats. If you encounter any rough running or pinking, just get the timing advanced a couple of degrees. Failing that, you can buy Octane booster from someone like Millers.
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