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Why are older vehicles still exempt from road tax?

I wonder if there is now support for the ending of the exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty for cars registered before 1973? It cannot be right that these vehicles, often marques such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Aston Martin, are exempt from any duty, yet the twelve-year-old Ford, Nissan or Peugot driven by the pensioner is hit for full duty of £125 or even £205!

An E-Type Jaguar is sold for up to £50,000, so these are not the vehicles of choice of the low income family but "boy's toys" for the wealthy. There are over 300,000 such exempt historic vehicles and at a minimum that is a revenue of over £30 million to the country. It may have made sense when introduced before "online" and "continuous taxation" with the ability to declare SORN and also, as duty was lower, maybe the revenue not gathered compared with the cost of it was insignificant. But nowadays?

I would appreciate the views of others. Maybe now is time to write to our MP's? I do not get exemption from Council Tax because my house was built before 1973 so why should I for my car? Let those that use the roads with these things pay their fare share as we all others have to.

Asked on 26 May 2010 by Rover 600

Answered by Dan Harrison
It's an interesting argument at a time when the Government needs all the money it can get from taxation. Why don't you kick-off a thread along these lines in the Back Room? After that, it might be worth writing to your MP and starting a petition on the Number 10 website (if it's back up-and-running following the election).
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