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Should I sell my Morgan Plus 8 now or hold on for more money?

I have been given a Morgan Plus 8 as a gift and don't know if I should sell or keep it a while longer, if it will get me better money. It is a mint condition 1988 Plus 8 in cream with red leather, fully serviced with around 3100 miles on the clock. It is always garaged (heated too), never been out in the wet (as the underside proves). A dealer has offered me £30,000 but friends are telling me to wait until it is 30 years old as I may get significantly more. Should I take the money and run or hang on?

Asked on 25 May 2010 by mudpie12

Answered by Dan Harrison
Morgans are made in low numbers and owners tend to hang onto them for a long time. As a result, they hold onto their value well. However, they don't significantly appreciate in value, either. If you're holding onto it hoping to make a slow buck, you may find that you're disappointed. If a dealer is offering £30,000, that seems like a very reasonable offer.
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