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Problem with classic bought privately via a dealer

I recently bought a classic car from a trade dealer who was selling the car for a client and customer.

On arriving home with the car I find that the nearside electric window and the rear wiper do not work.

The dealer says not my fault as we did not notice, and besides we are selling it for a commission from a private seller. Private seller says, not my fault is was okay when handed over to the dealer.

This was not a cheap car at £6995 and was advertised as immaculate which the bodywork certainly is.

Do have have any redress and if so against whom?



Asked on 11 June 2013 by Roger626

Answered by Honest John
Depends who you paid. If you paid £6,995 to the dealer, then redress is against him because your contract was with him and your rights are against him.
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