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My first car was a four-wheel Isetta, but now I drive a Hyundai ix20.

I was most interested to read about your first deal. My first car was an Isetta - the four wheel model. Bought secondhand in 1960 it unfortunately caught fire after a few months and was written off. However I did see it back on the road a year or two later. My current car is a Hyundai ix20. I find it better in all respects than the old shape Meriva and Grand Modus I have previously owned. It is usefully bigger than the Jazz and well worth considering by anyone looking for a vehicle of this type.

Asked on 24 November 2012 by DH, Congleton

Answered by Honest John
I agree. There's also excellent visibility out of an ix20 and Kia Venga. My 59 Isetta was LHD and three wheels. After a particularly hairy drive a girlfriend got out and enthusiastically told me, "That was fantastic. I've never been in anything so unsafe."
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