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I would like to endorse Volvo cars, as a driver of the marque since 1969.

I was delighted to read your recommendation of a Volvo in answer to DH of Herne Bay, headed "Invisible Touch". You rarely mention Volvos but I have driven them since 1969, have two at the moment, and my last one was 22 years old before it was passed on as a run-about. I can only say if you want a good solid vehicle they are the cars to have, especially as in the past my 245 saved my life when a 7.5 tonner hit the offside rear and continued down the offside, crushing wings, doors and bending the A and B pillars, finally pushing me off the road, across the verge and into the hedge.

Asked on 23 June 2012 by RD, Guildford

Answered by Honest John
The V60 is Mondeo based, so should be as good as a Mondeo. Most makes and models have now caught up with Volvo and Saab in terms of secondary safety. You're a lot safer inside a modern car than you ever were 20 years ago, even in a Volvo.
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