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What is our 1959 Mini chassis number worth?

I wonder if you could please let me know if we have been offered a good price. For 40 years my husband has owned a 1959 Mini, reg number WEA 819. Obviously over the years it had nearly disintegrated with rust and was finally finished off by a contractor doing fencing for us, when it collapsed after the tractor got the better of it. He has been offered £200 for the chassis number, which is a lot for a pile of rust, I think, but others tell him he could get far more. We would be very grateful for your opinion.

Asked on 16 June 2012 by LF, Belbroughton

Answered by Honest John
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But I sincerely hope the chassis number is not simply going to be attached to a good early Mini body in order to dishonestly enhance its value. From November 2012, all pre-1960 cars will be MoT exempt.
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