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Should I keep my much-loved and underrated Safrane or sell it?

In November of 2010 I purchased, despite knowing the risks, a 1998 Renault Safrane 2.5-litre Automatic with 80,000 miles on the clock for just £400. I got it as a second, occasional use car from its only previous owner. To my amazement, every electrical and mechanical item on the car worked perfectly, even the air conditioning still blew cold. It is a dream to drive and true luxury at a banger purchase price. I immediately had it fully serviced and had the timing belt changed. Thus far, despite the appalling fuel economy, which I expected, the car has not missed a beat.

I only use it for journeys of 40 miles plus, use quality fuel and have twice run it from Newquay to Manchester to see family. I must now decide whether to try to sell it on while my luck holds or to keep it for as long as it runs. Are there any major problem areas that I should be aware of? The car is always garaged and passed its last MoT without even an advisory. I would value your advice in making a decision about what to do with this unusual but much-loved vehicle.

Asked on 5 May 2012 by JP, Newquay

Answered by Honest John
I once made a particularly quick and still unbeaten 300-mile journey time in a Safrane with the same 2.5-litre 5-cylinder Volvo engine. It was fine apart from hesitant cruise control. But in the trade 'Safrane' became almost a swear word because of what the cars could cost traders who tried to turn a profit on them. The car is worth literally nothing (apart from its scrap value), so if you're not worried about getting stuck somewhere when something finally goes wrong, or failing an MoT on something not worth the expense of replacement, then soldier on. I'd recommend changing the brake fluid.
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