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Buying a large classic car for occasional use - how about this Mercedes-Benz?

We need a comfortable large car,that can accommodate a wheelchair,for occasional long trips. As it will only do about 4000 miles a year ,we do not want to buy a new car with the attendant depreciation.

We quite like Classic cars and are wondering about a W126 series SEC. The specialist dealers have several low mileage examples for sale for £12-£15000.

My questions are: do you think these cars are reliable enough to use for regular long trips? Does the price level seem about right for a 30,000-mile car?

Asked on 15 April 2013 by Anthony Whitney

Answered by Honest John
Beautiful cars and still good to drive. But old and complex. A friend of mine ran a 560SEL (same basic car) for about five years with very little trouble, but he's lucky like that. Do not even consider this car unless there is a maintenance and repair specialist for them reasonably close to you.
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