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Insurance for a restored Jensen

My son lives in France. A couple of years ago he bought a dilapidated 7.2 litre Interceptor in the USA and had it shipped over. Since then it has been fully restored from the chassis up, including engine/transmission re-built, re-upholstered/trimmed, new steering/brakes, state of the art sound system and nav. Essentially it's now as new.

However, trying to get insurance in France has been a nightmare. The car is probably worth £60-80K., but the best cover he can get is for a max. value of Euros 41K. Any suggestions?

Asked on 9 April 2013 by J. W. Northumberland

Answered by Honest John
To insure a car in France the Insurer has to have offices in France. Worth enquiring of but there is currently a problem with their website.
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