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Would an imported Lamborghini LM002 be a good investment?

From time to time on my travels here in Kent, Surrey and Sussex I have seen a tree surgeon who has a Lamborghini four-wheel-drive. It’s an ugly brute of a car. The Lamborghini is signwritten and the guy describes himself as ‘the Lamborghini of tree surgeons.’ I saw him in the Surrey village of Outwood, stopped my car and had a chat with him. He told me the Lambo has cost him an absolute fortune in repairs and maintenance. He is on the point of selling it and reckons it’s worth some £45,000. I talked on the phone to my brother in America and he reckons that there is a Lambo 4WD near where he lives in California. That car is up for sale at $20,000 - a lot cheaper than the tree surgeon’s.

Would I be on to a winner here if I bought the American one? Freight charges are about £3,000 and it would come on a container ship to Liverpool docks. Is there a demand for these quirky cars on the classic car market? Incidentally, the tree surgeon bought the car from a pop star that lives in Sussex and forgot that he had the car stored in a barn.

Asked on 4 June 2011 by GB, Westerham

Answered by Honest John
My only encounter with one of these was in the early days of the column when we had featured an LM002 photographed in Jersey and stated that its bull bar was illegal. The furious owner threatened to sue us for libelling her car, alarming my editor, since I was on the other side of the world at the time. Happily I was able to tell him that the information was, in fact, correct and that bull bars had been outlawed in the States of Jersey. Link about LM002s here:

I don't see any investment potential in one, but the way for the tree surgeon to find out the true value of his monster is to enter it in a classic and collectors auction. Here's a link to one up for auction last year:
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