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Recommend an inexpensive, comfortable tow car

My husband is obsessed with classic cars, which are quirky and fun, but I am tired of having to drive at 50mph, never having the right seat belts or mirrors, being too hot or cold, not being able to adjust the seat, gears which are more high maintenance than Beyonce, having to spend half an hour taking off/putting on covers, teasing tricky locks and getting the engine started - you get the picture.

I am campaigning for a modern car now, but he insists we will lose too much on depreciation. Can you recommend something comfortable and safe we could buy (we have a baby now too) second hand and will have done most of its depreciating?

As an incentive I thought if we could have the option of something strong enough to tow his race car behind that would be good.

Asked on 8 November 2011 by scarecrow22

Answered by Honest John
Old shape Ford C-Max 1.8 petrol: The crucial thing is ease of lifting the child in and out of the back seats and you cant do that with a 3 door car without slipping a disc.
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