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Can you recommend a replacement wing mounted aerial supplier?

I have a 1986 Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 convertible 1.8i petrol which has an offside front wing mounted, powered retracting aerial i.e. radio on/off makes aerial go up/down. It has stopped working and an auto electrician has confirmed it's just the aerial part that's faulty and needs replacing.

So far i've been unable to source a suitable replacement but am awaiting a reply from Autovaux parts to see if they can help. Are you able to suggest a suitable replacement aerial and supplier please? I've already tried usual suspects such as Halfords, plus Vauxhall Green Parts who took remaining parts stock off Vauxhall when the Cavalier ceased production, and the forum.

Asked on 31 August 2023 by Glenn Parkington

Answered by David Ross
Finding an original part may be a challenge given that only certain models of Cavalier would have been fitted with this option and how long the car has been out of production, and unfortunately we are not aware of a parts supplier who will be able to assist. You are looking in all the right places though, as owner's clubs and forums are a good way of finding someone who may have the part you need.

Alternatively there are a number of aftermarket electric aerials available, so although this would not be an original part it should at least provide the functionality that keeps it working as it originally did.
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