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I'm looking for a vintage car to use as a daily driver, what would you suggest?

I'm looking for a vintage car to use as a daily driver, what can you recommend?

Asked on 24 March 2023 by Tom Crampton

Answered by David Ross
It depends very much on your budget and how old a car you are looking at when you say 'vintage'. Something from the 1980s could be considered vintage all the way back to something made at the start of mass production in the 1900s. If you plan to use this car daily, we would suggest that younger is better, as newer cars are generally more reliable and offer better safety and comfort features.

Unless you plan to do big mileages and motorway work, a classic Mini would be a great starting point. There are thousands to choose from across its lifespan from 1959 to 2000, and with its small engine it can be relatively economical. There is also a huge support network of experts and specialists as well as excellent parts availability, so it would be easier than some alternatives to find a good example and keep it on the road.
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It's a Mini, and all that encompasses

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