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Can you recommend a speedometer?

I have an old (1976), 24 volt ex-Army Land Rover. The speedometer needle 'waves around', and so is not reliable! Consequently, I have just had to attend a speed awareness course for going 24mph in a 20mph restricted area.

How can I ensure that I have an accurate speed indication?

An HGV sat-nav (because the LR is 24 volt), with a large speed indicator, has been suggested.

Asked on 16 September 2022 by Mike Ricketts

Answered by Andrew Brady
There are phone apps which will display a GPS-verified current speed which will be more accurate than your speedo. Try searching for 'speedometer' in your phone's app store. Combined with a phone mount and a 24V charger (available from Amazon) this should be a pretty affordable and reliable way of measuring your speed.
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