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Classic car insurance policy means I haven't built up a no claims discount

I have for many years only driven a classic car , Renault 9, with an agreed value. The time has come to replace this car for a secondhand Renault Clio, as I can't afford to keep restoring this and my Triumph Stag.

On checking insurance cover today I find that because of the classic policy I have not earned a No Claims Bonus. I did have a small accident last year, no damage to the Renault, and would not expect to get maximum discount, but as I have been with Lynbrook Insurance for many years I thought that my driving history would have counted for something, my first accident in 40 years!

They are quoting £500 plus for a 2006 Clio. Is there an answer to this, after all my driving record is what I should be insured on, otherwise it's like someone driving a company car for years, they haven't built up a No Claims Bonus on the firm's insurance and could be in the same position if they buy their first car in retirement.

Asked on 29 January 2011 by Richard Amphlett

Answered by Honest John
Talk to and see if you can put all your cars on the same policy.
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